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Darfield has long been the home of “The Terrace Café and Bar” which has been reinvented as a trendy new Surf & Turf Bar launching the highly regarded Darfield icon in an exciting new direction.

Terrace Logo Surf and Turf black with transparent background


When new owners took over at The Terrace Darfield, they realised very quickly that the existing website was not effective at attracting diners to enjoy their array of delicacies.

Digital Concepts was engaged to design and develop a website that would tempt viewers to come along and enjoy great food in the contemporary atmosphere of the restaurant.

The new hosts were first to admit that they were not "tech savvy" but needed a way to keep the menu and specials current for website viewers.


  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Front End Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
The Terrace Darfield


Almost immediately we realised that we needed to come up with a design that allowed website visitors to dine with their eyes ahead of their booking at The Terrace Darfield. So that is what we did. We created a landing page that is informative, inviting and so tantalising that you can almost taste what you see on screen.

Once we bolted the design onto the WordPress content management system, we realised that the management of the site was great, but not perfect. It was at that point that we designed and developed a bespoke menu management system that enabled our client to confidently add and adjust items from the menu.

The ease with which the online menu can be managed has meant that patrons are not disappointed when the pick online then go and dine.


While we were developing this website, there became a need to create something a little fun to represent the eatery. Our client wanted to design a fun character that could appear on the website, in social media and in print media that would be easily recognised as a local icon and represented The Terrace Darfield.

Creating various poses of Elvis the cow should almost not be considered work - our graphic designers enjoyed this side project a little too much!

3 Cows-PixTeller