A rural property inspection company requiring an online presence

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When Rebecca from Rural Tenancy Inspections first approached us for help, it was to try and salvage a lost website that had been built on a generic site builder service. When it became clear that the site was unable to be recovered, Rebecca soon saw the value to partnering with Digital Concepts to create a custom website to promote her business.

A clean and lean website was required to offer users information about available services as well as attract new business.

Users being able to easily access contact information was identified as a key strategy to help this budding business realise its potential.


  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Front End Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
Rural Tenancy Inspections


To save costs for our client, we opted to use a purchased theme for this site. The theme we selected had multiple options, but also the ability to disable options and therefore create a website that was fit for purpose.

The theme was then installed on the WordPress content management system. Together the theme options and WordPress presented the opportunity to create this basic but polished website.

As the build progressed, RTI revealed that they used social media platforms to advertise their services, and engaged us to create several ads. These ads were very successful and generated an increased interest in the services offered  by the company.

While the site had all the information it needed for its users, it wasn't quite enough to be popular among search engines. We manipulated the content with the help a search engine optimisation tool and had huge success ranking #1 in Google for the phrases that were targeted.


We were able to use our knowledge of social media advertising guidelines and design prowess to design a number of highly effective ads for our client.

Not only were the designs visually appealing, but they also met the advertising guideline requirements of social media platforms without any further edits.

Getting these adverts right the first time meant that they were able to be deployed straightaway without any negative impact on return on investment due to edits to meet requirements.