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When the team at Mach 3 approached us for help, it wasn't hard to find evidence of this engineering company being at the top of its game.

They had a number of websites that related to different facets of the business and didnt reference each other and had become dated. They were also about to launch a new line of award winning safety equipment, and wanted to showcase themselves as leaders in their industry.

Mach 3 needed to roll their multiple websites into one cohesive space while retaining the ability to shine the spotlight on the different capabilities of the company.

While they didn't need any "fancy bits", they certainly presented us with a challenge that we were very keen to take on.


  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Front End Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
Mach 3 Engineering


We came up with a design that is a delicate fusion of all the different offerings available to clients of Mach 3. As well as their own branding and colour scheme, we needed to incorporate the display requirements of the distribution agency that they were launching.

We took this design and coupled it with the WordPress content management system which meant that the Mach 3 team were in a position to change with the industry, and update their site to reflect their capabilities with relative ease.

There was careful consideration given the management and placement of the vast amounts of content this new website had to offer. Our experience was vital here as we needed to ensure that the colossal amount of content could be easily found while being mindful not to overwhelm users.

With a couple of carefully placed videos to finish off we handed over to the client who remain very proud of their online presence.


During the course of the development of the site, it became apparent that original versions of the logo required for web development (and other applications such as signwriting) were not available.

Our skilled graphic design team were able to redraw the logo by hand after seeing a low quality copy that was used in the original website.

More than this, our team were able to create image assets for the site which meant the client didn't need to engage a third party. This in turn saved time, and allowed us to deliver this project ahead of schedule.