Boxed or full width layout

The website design and development industry is even more vain than the high-end fashion industry. We as developers are constantly on the lookout for the next best thing… what is currently trending in the design world, how to get a competitive edge.

One of the major things that seem to change, far more than the seasons is the layout. Whether a site is laid out in a boxed (has all the content in the middle of a screen) style or in full width (utilises the entire screen for displaying information).

Let me put something out there and make it very clear where I stand on this matter – it doesn’t matter!

It doesn’t matter whether your site is boxed or full width. All that matters is that the content of the site is to the point, non-confrontational or confusing, and looks good how it is laid out.

There are a great many “experts” that will tell you that either of these layouts has been superseded because there was mutiny on view island where the viewers refused to look at any sites laid out a particular way. We all have an opinion on this, and all opinions are valid, however, I have a challenge for you.

I want you to try to remember the last time that you refused to look at a website, and its content, because of the way it was laid out. In particular, I am interested to hear from people that have a preferred layout, and those that were seeking specific information that arrived at a site that was laid out in a way they didn’t agree with.

My guess is, despite layout, and preference, if you were looking for information, and the site had it, you went ahead against all the trends and read what you needed to read.

Just saying…

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